Vienna (Cross Drive's D19)
DOB - 4-21-13 
Dam: Dragonfly AT Annie Oakley (Annie) 
Sire: Dragonfly 1H Helios (Helios)


DOB 5-1-13 
Dam: Cornerstone Jeuel 
Sire: Cornerstone Joy-ful

Geneva (Cross Drive's D03)

DOB 4-7-13 
Dam: Crossdrive C Pocohontas (Princess) 
Sire: Dragonfly 1H High Tide (High Tide)


DOB 4-13-13 
Dam: Queen of Angels Daisy Jean 
Sire: John Doe


NarrowWay Farm Budapest (blue eyes)

DOB 3-31-15
Dam: Camp O'Keeffe Lily
Dams Sire: Kids Corral LB Blue Ember
Dams Dam: Hickory Gate Red Rose
Sire: India Blue Mojang
Sires Sire: Sweet Garden FC Johann Strauss
Sires Dam: India Blue Farm Darlin Duchess

Sunshine Hill Farm Hamburg (Wether)


Shiloh (Blue Eyes)

DOB 3-22-13
Dam: Cornerstone Bered
Sire: Cornerstone Hosanna
5 Generation Pedigree Information

Frankfurt (Frankie) WETHER

DOB 1-28-13
Dam: Just Kidding Sugar (99B BookF)
Sire: Just Kidding Buckwheat (300D BookF)
Frankie is only registered with NMGA and not with AGS or ADGA